Tam Harbert

Welcome. I’m Tam Harbert, an award-winning journalist based in Washington, D.C. I deliver compelling, insightful content on technology, business and government.

My Specialties

  • Technology: I focus on information technology, telecommunications, semiconductors and electronics.
  • Business: Most of my stories target C-level executives in the IT and electronics industries.
  • Government/public policy: I cover legislation and regulation that affects the high-tech industry.
My office-mate

About Me

I’ve worked both on staff and as a freelancer since the mid-1980s. I’ve had some fantastic full-time publishing jobs. Freelancing, however, gives me the freedom to stretch my wings, learn new skills and evolve with the shifting landscape as technology revolutionizes publishing. Also, I have a boss who – whatever her faults – understands me, a commute that has a tiny carbon footprint, and an office-mate who doesn’t argue.

My Background

I’ve launched, edited and written for various publications targeting different high-tech and business audiences, including value-added resellers, systems integrators, OEMs, information technology managers, venture capitalists, day traders, advertising and marketing executives, engineers and high-tech C-level executives. For 10 years, I worked at Electronic Business magazine as executive editor and national editor. I received many awards for my work at Electronic Business, including a Jesse H. Neal Award for editorial commentary.

In the 1990s, I helped launch Computer Sources, a monthly magazine for computer resellers and systems integrators. I also started Computerworld’s finance and investing section, which covered high-tech stocks and initial public offerings for an information technology management readership. Most recently, I’ve helped launch a monthly magazine focused on information technology for small- and medium-sized businesses and a quarterly magazine on Internet security for CIOs.

I have written and edited publications and websites for corporate clients including IBM, Ingram Micro, CDW, Cisco and Microsoft. I also work with many major custom publishing companies on a variety of projects.


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