“This is not reporting, it’s stenography!”
– James W. Michaels, former editor of Forbes


Too much of what’s published today is stenography. Tam digs into her assignments, using well-honed research, reporting and interviewing skills to get behind the headlines. Her articles analyze why something’s happening and explain why your readers should care.

Tam knows what editors want from freelance writers because she’s an editor herself. She makes sure she understands your publication and what you want readers to take away from an article. She checks in frequently as the reporting progresses, making sure you approve of the direction the story is taking. She meets your deadline.

As an editor, Tam has produced award-winning magazines. Whether working with your writers or drawing from her own network of freelancers, Tam knows how to editorially manage a team to produce excellent content.

If it has to do with technology, Tam has probably covered it. Here are just a few of the topics about which she’s written:

  • Big data
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud computing
  • Data analytics
  • Data centers
  • Data science
  • Drones
  • Ed tech software
  • Electronic health records
  • Engineering
  • Internet of Things

  • Mobile devices
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Software as a service
  • Smart fabrics
  • Supply chains
  • Wearable technology
  • Wireless

Work in the metaverse: Just imagine the possibilities
All Things Digital, October 2022

Tapping the power of unstructured data
MIT Sloan School of Management, February 2021

Blockchain for business starts in the supply chain
MIT Sloan School of Management, October 2019

Worries About “Screen Time” Are Rising. Here’s How Vendors Can Adjust.
Education Week, August 2019 (subscription required)

Business leaders gird for “organizational explosions”
MIT Sloan School of Management, July 2019

IT staffing: When to retrain, when to hire fresh
Computerworld, May 2017

Auto Aftermarket Readies for Tech Advances
Middle Market Growth, June 2017

Virtual Worlds: A Legal Wild West
Best Lawyers: Fall Global Business Edition, 2017

How to manage group chat in the enterprise (hint:lightly)
Computerworld, March 2017

Is Group Chat the New E-Mail?
HR Magazine, November 2017

Digital Technology Bears Down On Old Finance Models
Middle Market Growth, August 2016

Rising K-12 Interest in Software-as-a-Service Brings Changes to Market
Education Week, May 2016

Tech pros make the most of the ‘gig’ economy
Computerworld, September 2015

Drones in the enterprise: The future of data collection
Computerworld, April 2015

Will the Whill Hi-Tech Wheelchair Sell?
IEEE Spectrum, April 2015

Post-Fukushima, Japanese Companies Build Microgrids
IEEE Spectrum, February 2015

Tech support’s NSFW problem
Computerworld, October 2014

On the Internet of Things, No One Knows You’re a Dog
IEEE Spectrum, June 2014

Radio Wrestlers Fight It Out at the DARPA Spectrum Challenge
IEEE Spectrum, April 2014

Companies Pin Hopes on the Internet of Things
Electronics360, July 2014

The Law Machine: How a Silicon Valley Start-Up Aims to Overhaul Intellectual Property Litigation
IEEE Spectrum, November 2013

The Troubled Life of Patent No. 6,456,841
IEEE Spectrum, April 2013

Tech hotshots: The rise of the dataviz expert
Computerworld, May 2013

Running the ROI numbers on BYOD
Computerworld, April 2013

How to find (and hire) big data pros
Computerworld, October 2012

Big data, big jobs?
Computerworld, September 2012

When trusted IT pros go bad
Computerworld, April 2011

Employee monitoring: When IT is asked to spy
Computerworld, June 2010

Power struggle: What role should IT play in reining in energy costs?
Computerworld, February 2009

The Darker Side of Webmail
Computerworld, April 2008

businessclipsTam writes about companies, business issues and C-level executives. She has done features on companies and the people who run them, delving not only into financial and market strategies, but also into corporate cultures. She’s profiled entrepreneurs at small businesses as well as CEOs of billion-dollar corporations.

  • Executive leadership
  • Corporate culture and strategy
  • Ethics
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and development
  • Intellectual property
  • Financing (LBOs, IPOs and venture capital)
  • Wall Street (stock analysis, earnings reporting)

A new globalization calculus: As the continued scroll of global disruptions demonstrates, corporate leaders’ strategic decision-making now should focus less on “just in time” and more on “just in case”
Deloitte Insights, June 2022

The Pandemic Has Expanded the Role of HR: The coronavirus pandemic not only expanded HR’s influence, but also led to a renewed focus on employees
HR Magazine, Fall 2021

The Weakest Link in Cybersecurity
All Things Work, October 2021

Will Remote Work Lead to More Diversity in Tech?
HR Technology, May 2021

How to Manage Change: HR can play a critical role in helping the workforce evolve to meet future needs.
HR Magazine, Spring 2021

Workforce Planning in the Age of COVID-19: Companies need a strategic plan to ensure that they get the right people in the right jobs.
HR Magazine, Winter 2020

Technology and the Future of Work: Which Way Will We Go?
All Things Work, July 2020

Helping Displaced Workers Get A Fresh Start
All Things Work, July 2020

People analytics, explained
MIT Sloan Management School, May 2020

California Challenges The Gig-Economy Giants
Global Finance, February 2020

Supply chain transparency, explained
MIT Sloan Management School, February 2020

New Technology Faces Broad Backlash
Global Finance , June 2019

Watching the Workers: Rapidly developing technology has given companies more ways to monitor their employees. The response from workers may surprise you.
HR Today, March 2019

Compensation bias is bad for business. Here’s how to fix it.
MIT Sloan Management School, April 2019

Mapping a New Career Benefit: How companies are touting their location to attract talent.
Middle Market Growth, March 2019

Here’s how much the 2008 bailouts really cost
MIT Sloan Management School, February 2019

Four secrets to business longevity from Analog Devices’ Ray Stata
MIT Sloan Management School, March 2019

Law Firm Merger Binge on Pace to Break Record
Bloomberg Law special report, “M&A Trends Reshape the Industry,” December 2018, page 5.
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New Revenue Recognition Standard Could Prompt a New Story
Middle Market Growth , September 2018

Spending Trends: Legal Industry Still Tentative About AFAs
Bloomberg Law special report, “New Ops Perspectives Transform Law Business,” October 2018, page 17.
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Automation Opens Up Legal, Data Issues: Self-Driving Vehicles Challenge Liability Assessment
Bloomberg Law special report, “Tech Change Drives New Legal Strategies,” June 2018, page 12.
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New Company Town: Employers pay for transit, housing, schools to attract workers to urban centers
Thinkset Magazine, Spring 2018 (article starts on page 16)

How to Future-Proof Your Business From Tariff Fallout
Better MRO, December 2018

Better MRO Asks Experts to Weigh In on Tax Reform Opportunities for Manufacturers
Better MRO, June 2018

Housing Crunch Elevates HR’s Role
HR Magazine, April 2018

The Legal Hazards of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps
IEEE Spectrum, February 2018

Risks Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Female CEOs Face Bigger Challenges, Shorter Careers
Thinkset Magazine, January 2018 (article starts on page 6)

The Digital Dilemma: Are online ads living up to the hype for midmarket e-commerce companies?
Middle Market Growth, January 2018

Midmarket Laments the Loss of TPP
Middle Market Growth, February 2017

How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Could Elevate Supply Chain Transparency
Textile Insight, October 2016

Digital Technology Bears Down On Old Finance Models
Middle Market Growth, August 2016

Qualcomm Takes on the World
Electronics360, February 2013

Giant Slayers
Independent Banker, August 2013

The Secret to Samsung’s Ascent
Electronics360, April 2013

Business Interruptus: Prep Now to Avoid H1N1 Flu Outages Later
Computerworld, November 2009

Washington Goes to Wall Street
SFO Magazine, July 2009

Keep Your Key Projects Off the Chopping Block
Computerworld, February 2009

Dark Secrets and Ugly Truths: When Ethics and IT Collide
Computerworld, September 2007

Street Smart
Electronic Business, December 2004

Tam’s Washington, D.C., location gives her access to those who make and influence public policy, including Congress, federal agencies, lobbyists and trade associations. She reports on legislation that impacts business in general as well as particular laws and regulations that impact the technology industry. Coverage has included:

  • Commerce Department (import-export issues, NTIA, sharing economy)
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (futures/derivatives trading regulation)
  • Education Department (digital education)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (e-waste, efforts to reduce energy use)
  • Federal Communications Commission (spectrum and broadband issues)
  • Federal Trade Commission (privacy)
  • International Trade Commission (unfair trade practices)
  • Justice Department (anti-trust investigations)
  • Securities & Exchange Commission (financial regulation and reform)
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (patent reform)

Regulations Ahead on AI: Business leaders are discussing the responsible use of artificial intelligence. Soon they may need to walk the talk
All Things Work, April 2022

The unequal costs of Black homeownership – and how to fix them
MIT Sloan School of Management, November 2020

Reclaiming the Gig Economy: Platform-based work hasn’t delivered on its promises. Can worker-owned cooperatives do better?
MIT Sloan Management Review, September 2020

Summer forecast for COVID-19: Some relief, but not enough
MIT Sloan School of Management, May 2020

How Moderna is racing to a coronavirus vaccine
MIT Sloan School of Management, April 2020

Biometric Data Privacy Lawsuits on the Rise
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The Fools on the Hill: Emerging technologies are set to upend everything. U.S. lawmakers aren’t ready, and those in the Valley aren’t helping.
Techonomy, November 2018

Tech Alters Big Law-Big Four Dynamic
Bloomberg Law special report, “Litigation Trends and Opportunities,” March 2019, page 14.
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How a new spin on mortgages might ease the next housing bust
MIT Sloan School of Management, March 2019

White House Tech Advisor Focuses on Innovation
Techonomy, November 2018

How to Future-Proof Your Business From Tariff Fallout
Better MRO, December 2018

Better MRO Asks Experts to Weigh In on Tax Reform Opportunities for Manufacturers
Better MRO, June 2018

Virtual Worlds: A Wild West
Best Lawyers: Fall Global Business Edition, 2017

Los Angeles Creates A Workforce That Represents the City
Government Technology, July/August 2017

Projectors Face New Classroom Competition
Education Week, June 2017

Keys for K-12 Companies in Building and Maintaining Effective Advisory Boards
Education Week, March 2017

Freedom to Fail: 4 Takes on Government Innovation Labs
Government Technology, January 2017

Practical Uses of the Internet of Things in Government Are Everywhere
Government Technology, January/February 2017

As States Toughen Data-Privacy Laws, Ed-Tech Providers Adjust
Education Week, August 2016

Ethics and the Supply ChainSAGE Business Researcher, April 2016
Can businesses police the behavior of global suppliers?

Feds take (baby) steps to fight fraud with analytics
Computerworld, March 2013

Internet Giants Adopt New Lobbying Tactics
IEEE Spectrum, September 2012

U.S. Government Fails Counterfeit Detection 101
EBN Online, August 2012

Washington Goes to Wall Street
SFO Magazine, July 2009

Forex Regulation Bites Business
SFO Magazine, January 2009

The World Confronts Its E-Waste Nightmare
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Making Waves in Washington
Electronic Business, November 2003

Politically Correct Chairman Powell
Electronic Business, February 2003