Technology is great. It’s what has enabled so many of us to become freelancers – being our own bosses, masters of our own destiny, reliant on our own wits and talents.

Until the computer breaks, or the phone goes on the fritz, or the power goes out.

One of the few negatives about being a freelancer is that I have no IT department. When something goes wrong with one of the machines that I rely on to make my living, it’s up to me to fix it or to hire the right person to fix it.

It’s ironic that I write about IT and electronics, but I can’t fix my own technical problems. That always amazes people. But it shouldn’t. Do you expect the health reporter of your local TV station to be able to diagnose and cure your illness?

I have been blessed in that I have a good friend who runs an IT consulting business. When I have a major problem with my PC, Dave is usually available to come to the rescue. (Thanks, Dave!) However, Dave is spending more and more of his time at his beach house, which is four hours away. Good for Dave. Bad for me.

I’ve developed a few coping strategies over the years, which I will share over the next few weeks. I ask that you add your comments and tips as well. Maybe we can develop a “Freelancers Technical Survival Guide” of sorts. Meanwhile, may your power stay on and the black screen of death never darken your desk.