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A selection of Tam’s most recent work and awards.

“Virtual Worlds: A Legal Wild West”Best Lawyers: Fall Global Business Edition, 2017
As one of the first widespread augmented reality applications, Pokémon Go highlighted potential legal issues for the emerging technologies of both augmented and virtual reality.

“Auto Aftermarket Readies for Tech Advances”Middle Market Growth, June 2017
Telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing could change the entire transportation industry.

“IT staffing: When to retrain, when to hire fresh”Computerworld, May 2017
Staffing new products is no picnic these days – skilled help is in short supply, but retraining takes time and money, and doesn’t always work. Here’s how to decide which path to take.

“How to manage group chat in the enterprise (hint: lightly)”Computerworld, March 2017
Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat and a host of other collaboration tools are flooding into the enterprise. Here’s how IT is handling the deluge.

“Practical Uses of the Internet of Things in Government Are Everywhere”Government Technology, January/February 2017
From flood control in Texas, to wildlife protection in Florida to earthquake alerts in Los Angeles, the IoT is making connections in the public sector.

“Freedom to Fail: 4 Takes on Government Innovation Labs”Government Technology, January 2017
Running an innovation lab in the public sector can be a tricky prospect. Here’s how four governments are handling the challenge.

“Rising K-12 Interest in Software-as-a-Service Brings Changes to Market”Education Week, May 2016
Districts are turning increasingly to cloud-based services for academic and instructional needs.

“Ethics and the Supply Chain”SAGE Business Researcher, April 2016
Can businesses police the behavior of global suppliers?


2014 AZBEE Gold Award Winner

“Silicon Startups: Stanford Law School has a new role – as an incubator for innovative technology.”Law Technology News, June 2013

2014 ASJA Award Winner

“Supercharging Patent Lawyers With AI”IEEE Spectrum, October 2013
How Silicon Valley’s Lex Machina is blending AI and data analytics to radically alter patent litigation.


“Freelancers becoming a larger share of American Workforce”National Press Club’s NPC Update-1, March 2015